My Kid Doesn't Interact Well With Others

My Kid Doesn't Interact Well With Others. Speak to your son or daughter's teacher, sibling, neighbours or relatives who regularly interact with your child, as they may have some insight to the problem. Teach them to be kind to others this is an essential social skill and involves your toddler learning about empathy and understanding their own emotions too.

Help, my child won’t speak!
Help, my child won’t speak! from

Some children on the autism spectrum have more difficulty socializing as do children with other disorders such as adhd and pituitary disorders.but it seems even in those circumstances; Maybe you or your wife sit with him after drop off to help him adjust, so he knows you are there and make him more comfortable. Socialisation in children up to 2 years of age at this age, your child can interact with the people around them, but will still prefer to play with their parents.

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